Your Big Day!

 “If you force it and you keep looking for moments then you’ll end up shooting what you think the wedding should look like rather than actual moments that are unfolding in front of you”

Joe Bussink

My approach to your Big Day!

“Your day is about you & your partner, a celebration of your love & the marriage ceremony”

A marriage ceremony it is not a photo shoot or a day that you need to check everything is going as planned. I know how a wedding day works and it is my mission to reduce any stress. You can trust that I know what needs to be photographed and when and where I need to be standing to get ‘that shot’!  I love the details of bride or groom prep in the morning, hair, make-up laughter with friends & family… the nervous smiles, the champagne… I love to capture the little details along the way – the rings, flowers, dresses, suits, cuff links, perfume… so you have a perfect memory of the build up to your special day.

I like to photograph the wedding day as it unfolds, whilst still having a hold on time lines provided by venues. I like to work closely with your suppliers and your Wedding Coordinator to ensure your day runs smoothly.

“The couple portraits are my absolute favourite part of any wedding day!”

Remembering it’s not a photo shoot I take as many or as few as you wish. I prefer to take these images (time of year and weather permitting) in the afternoon. I prefer afternoon light, it’s much warmer, plus this takes a lot of the pressure off attempting to rush your group images just after your ceremony,  I don’t like to steal you away from your friends and family straight after your ceremony as this is the time which is best spent chatting and celebrating. At this point I like to hang back and capture some genuine reactions and happy faces as your loved ones congratulate you.

During the wedding breakfast I break away to review images, change cards, batteries and generally rest my feet and keep an eye and ear out for your speeches which I like to capture from the back or side of your reception room using my long lens… so not to detract from the person speaking. Giving a speech is a hard enough task as it is without a camera 5 feet away!

In the evening I again work closely with your venue, I set my lights up nice and early for your cake shot and first dance coming later.

In the interim between your wedding breakfast and the arrival of your evening guests I take time to mingle with guests (usually by now your guests are used to me and I’m not ‘the big bad photographer’) The images from this part of your day are generally more relaxed, little groups chatting, couples together, kids playing… no pressure. Dependant on the time of the year and the weather this is a good time to take a few more couple of shots of you both….

…. & maybe a sunset shot … if we are lucky!”

When the evening turns into the party after you have cut your cake and you have danced your first dance – like to photograph a little of the dancing and capture the general atmosphere. It’s when most let their hair down and throw some shapes on the dance floor!
I then ask if there are any other images are on your mind and then suggest that we get an image of you both outside your venue… especially if it is lit up! I set a flash behind you both for a ‘halo’ (silhouette) effect shot this really finishes off the images nicely – this is usually the image I use on the last page of your photo-book!

I then say my goodbyes and disappear into the distance…

“I’m off home for a cuppa & to get my feet up!

“I would love to capture your wedding, please get in touch!”


  • Bride asleep Pendrell Hall

“Worked alongside at a recent wedding, excellent to work with. It’s great when a photographer and videographer can work so well together and both get amazing footage and photos. She was kind and considerate which really makes a difference to the couples films. Thank you again! Hopefully see you again soon x “

Victoria Wignall

“Make some memories”

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