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Hi! I’m so pleased you have made it to my website!


Hello! I’m Samantha and I’m a land locked Brummie wedding photographer, covering the whole of the UK. I favour a more candid style of wedding photography. I adore capturing genuine moments. I have a passion for capturing the emotion of a wedding day, I achieve this using a mix of reportage photography and the free-lens technique which make for a dreamy, quite ethereal effect to my detail images and some couple portrait images. I am passionate about my work because it really is my ‘What I want to be when I grow up’ job, I really have my dream career and so many clients comment when they see me beaming all day and buzzing around like bee ‘You really love what you do don’t you Samantha?’ Even after 10 hour days on my feet, carrying a very heavy kit… I’m still smiling! 


 I don’t know how this career found me really as I originally trained and qualified as a Diamond Grader (DGA) and worked as a diamond grader in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter! Desperate for self employment and more freedom to make decisions… I later opened and ran a Gift Shop with my family! However my first passion had always been art and photography and dreamed that one day I could create beautiful images for people.
I’d had my first camera at the age of 5, bought for me by my Great Uncle Arthur, both he and my Grandad John did all of their own film developing. So I set about ruining my Mom financially asking her to get films developed at Clicks… mostly – very blurred pictures of our family dog, Roly. Unfortunately I am not in many family holiday albums growing up as I was the one taking all the pictures (and not because if I was in them i’d have ‘Broken the lens’ as my brother would no doubt say)… I made it my mission to remember everything, every happy moment in a photograph.. with the occasional whole film of pictures of our Cornsnake Trigger or Iguana, Frank!


“It is so important to me to capture fleeting moments before they are gone”


My career started in 2013 after a series of courses and training on Lightroom and Photo-shop I was lucky enough to act as a ‘second shooter’ on a series of different events including a wedding! Immediately I was hooked.. I had found the genre I was searching for… the interaction between photographer and couple was relaxed and positive. You don’t get the same vibe when you work as a product photographer! (I dabbled in that at first too)

I worked on my plan to build on my portrait and editing work in a mind to a future in wedding photography my dream materialised in 2015… my first weddings came in, bookings… future bookings, lovely reviews, happy clients!

Fast forward to 2020, I am a full time Wedding Photographer, I was nominated and became a Regional Finalist in the Wedding Industry Awards 2020 (seriously big deal) and with clients happy to book me – up to two years in advance!


I couldn’t be more positive about wedding photography… if you are looking for someone who will be looking forward to capturing your day and not see it as ‘Just another day at work…I’m your woman!’


I’d love to hear about your big day!


Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you,

Samantha x


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