What do wedding photographers do?!

It’s a way of life…

I am a wedding photographer this means my mobile is always on. I am always there should a Bride or Groom want to run anything by me. I have learnt Zooming is not so bad and how to angle the ipad so my double chin is not so prominent – I digress

Wedding Photographers are organised, creative, passionate, constantly working out a way of justifying the purchase of a new lens to a partner. I am a cat person. I like sleep and food and I work better on a computer at night. I edit 12 hours a day everyday in the peak Summer season. My bottom is therefore flat as ‘breaks’ – trips to the fridge – are essential to prevent eye strain. Don’t get me wrong, I can move when I want to. At a wedding I am on my feet for up to 12 hours, carrying two cameras (my babies D850’s) two bags, many different lenses on a belt…getting the image of ‘Batman’? Well yes, I am all in black and wearing a utility lens belt – however I am in-fact much shorter and I have a much higher voice (and a Brummie accent) than Christian Bale’s Batman.

~Hopeless Romantic~

I am a hopeless romantic which means I am a sucker for the speeches and any personal important elements to each couple’s day. Every detail is important on a wedding day and I do my very best to create a beautiful image for you to remember it. Fleeting glances whilst walking to the alter. A squeeze of Dad’s arm…. The first kiss of the Bride and Groom. Basically my favourite fictional Church exit is from Disney’s ‘Robin Hood’ “Love goes on and on….” I wont sing it, I might be infringing copyright. By the time of the first dance – Father and daughter dance – Mother and Son (or daughter) I feel like I know my clients well enough to have captured where possible every important moment.

I have the heart rate of a humming bird and I never sit still. On a wedding day I am always on alert ready to capture special moments. As a result I am always told to sit down by (usually) Nans as ” I don’t think I’ve seen you sit down all day, you are making me tired” believe me “I’d love nothing more than to kick back and have a cuppa, Nan (mine’s an Earl Grey – black… splish of cold water) but these photo’s don’t take themselves” //despite what these ‘smart phones’ might tell you (wedding photographer inside joke)//

A fabulous diet plan would be amazing and I would be oh so slim but a Mars Bar is quicker and salad bowls won’t fit in my camera bag ‘shame. I need energy people… also I take on water easily like a camel – so I don’t dehydrate whilst working….


Editing is all important to ‘find a style’ mine basically is candid because I hate cheesy posed images and Romantic atmospheric portraits for my couples because that’s what I see when I imagine beauty, art, romance, love. Pre Raphaelite art is my inspiration. I will never change my style to a more commercial (maybe) style. I like real and fake smiles don’t do it for me!

It takes time…. I put my heart into my work for my clients.

Constant updates, subscriptions & making sure you are looking after your clients…


Us photographers insure everything we can think of and we are constantly maintaining and updating our kit, twerking our workflow, taking mental notes at each individual wedding for the ‘feel of the edit’.

Everything costs a bomb with photography as it should, if it doesn’t cost a photographer to work, then there is something wrong. We are not rich (not yet, still hoping)… we work on images far longer than we admit to our peers therefor our hourly rate is about -12p. There’s editing, saving, uploading, emailing, downloading, compressing, ordering, filing, updates and finding time to advertise. All whilst balancing a cat on my shoulder with a Pot Noodle for lunch /again salad would have to go on a plate and the desk isn’t wide enough/


Delivering a gallery to my clients happens to be a nerve wracking business. I will always wait to hear that my client’s love their images with the same ‘its my baby-please love it’ feeling about the collection…. because I care.

Wedding Photographers work hard and they care about what they capture for you. We know they will be the only tangible lasting way to revisit that special day for you and that is a very important and rightly daunting weight to carry.

We are all also quite mad-it helps…….

Samantha x

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