What do wedding photographers do?!

You may not think that a decision such as choosing your perfect photographer is a big deal….

” I don’t even like photo’s” – I have heard this one a few times. Throughout the difficult times we have all found ourselves living through the one thing has become even more important is the real human connections and bonds with family and close friends. It has also become more apparent that we should not take anything for granted. Even a wave to a loved one over a garden wall has been cherished!

Therefore choosing a photographer who has passion for their trade ensures that your big day is recorded the way you lived it, in the style you love. After all we are surrounded by visual media and everyone has a style, the perfect match is out there!

I am a hopeless romantic, I am emotional… I cry at sad adverts and refuse to watch any films if there is a dog in it because we all know what’s going to happen to old’ Shep…..

Bridesmaids is my favourite wedding film because IT IS REAL LIFE and I am a combination of the character ‘Annie’ (Kristen Wiig) crossed with the amazing Megan (Melissa McCarthy’s character) – in character and stature! I love to boogie. Please see the following archive photographs from a time I was NOT photographing the wedding I wad attending… I was a Maid of Honour for my beautiful cousin Rebecca….

photo by the amazing Carla Blain Photography https://www.carlablainphotography.co.uk/
I give it my all on the dancefloor. Image by Carla Blain Photography
It’s very rare for me to get images of me… I think its for the best really 😉 image by fabulous Carla Blain Photography

Weddings are hard on couples! Its such an important day with so many expectations but heads up people, they are meant to be a celebration!

My favourite weddings have a party vibe, all day. This is how they go….. (follow to page 2)

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