When do I book a Wedding Photographer?

I have been asked this question over and over this year, “When do we get in touch again, when we need to book you?”

When I first started out in Wedding photography (5 years ago now) my answer to this question used to be “you want to book me for your wedding next summer? erm… anytime…. my diary is erm… not too cluttered… you should be okay…” I would then have had to go and buy a new diary…. as of course I had no idea what I’d be doing the following Summer!

Bride asleep Pendrell Hall

Luckily for me (and please don’t think I take this for granted) I could sleep soundly this year with a total of 35 weddings! Totally a dream come true.

Now my answer has changed to that question…. it’s never too early to enquire with the photographer that you want, about their availability. Some of my fellow photographers are booked up a whole year or two in advance! Personally, I have very limited availability for 2020 and 2021’s popular dates (Easter Holidays, Summer…Christmas!) are being snapped up!

I have just spent a really lovely hour with a couple who’s wedding at Redhouse Barn is booked for June 2021. We chatted about their plans, their likes and dislikes, weddings they have been guests at and noticed that some photographers are relaxed, easy going and got the job done… and THE OTHERS… they have heard horror stories of  photographers turning a newly married couples day into their Photo-shoot! Obviously with their day two years away not every detail is nailed down but they BOTH realise that photography is one of the most important aspects of organising a wedding and how important it is to choose the style of photography which suits you, very polished and staged, bright popping colour etc or muted tones, maybe candid, natural or earthy?

Of course how the photographer edits the images does depend on the time of year (light temperature for outside shots) what the venue looks like, style of the wedding etc and how the photographer puts together the story of the day. I have on my website a few real weddings (which my fabulous past brides and grooms have been good enough to let me publish) so that prospective clients can see how I cover the day as a whole (or at least a very good overview as I can’t post 500 images for every wedding!) I have chosen Spring, Summer, Winter weddings in different style venues from around England and Wales to showcase my style.

Most couples have their own ‘special images’ which they want captured. I encourage my clients to outline any important details which they do not want over looked. Sit down and talk to each other about the photographs, friends, family… images they have seen of newly-weds together, sunset images or night time using a flash to create a ‘halo’ (one of my favourite shots!!!)

I adore candid shots, it’s how I work best, sneaking about, photographing guests when they aren’t looking, natural smiles, capturing the actual wedding rather than a staged interpretation of the day.

Anyway… ‘stay on target Sam’

If you have a photographer in mind, call them, email them… it’s never too early. You may make someone’s night by just enquiring as to their availability! It’s so lovely to think that potential clients have seen my work and thought… “oooh I like that” you wont get a message back with my bank details and a contract form to fill in, as with all my clients I like to meet up for a cuppa and a chat first with no obligation to book so you can see that I may look scary but I am more or less harmless… if you feed me cake….. and Earl Grey Tea!

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