Gem of a shoot


Rings property of Element Bespoke Jewellery

I was asked by my old place of work if I would do some jewellery photography for them. As I know what they would be after from the images. Although I might not have the most expensive lens for the job I was confident I could get the shots they wanted. With a bit of jiggery pokerey with the lighting box and tripod and various lenses and David’s endless patience (despite the fact he was meant to be getting on with his own work…impossible with me shouting ‘babe look at this..’ Every few minutes) David Rann…there is nothing he can’t photograph…

Between us we worked out the settings and I set about taking the pictures.


Using white tac and cocktail sticks I managed to prop the jewellery in the positions I required…despite me having the wobbles.

Then it was onto editing…not much was needed, except removal of the props…

A screen shot of editing….


Conclusion….it’s harder than you imagine to photograph jewellery…. ☺️ but who cares when you are photographing diamonds 😍

With thanks to Element Bespoke Jewellery and David Rann for his endless help, guidance and patience. I couldn’t do it without him.

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