Creatively cursed?

I am a photographer..people book me to photograph their best side..a makeover…or their beautiful happy child, events which will give them many happy memories such as weddings or parties. Sometimes this makes me look inwardly. This is not exactly what drives me to take photographs.

I am a sufferer of Bipolar. A lot of you instantly will wonder why I would blog about this…I do with good reason. I am so proud of what I manage to achieve despite the illness I have. I have an excellent Psychiatrist and CPN and I am on medication. Many people with bipolar decide that medication is not for them but at the moment my choice is to be on meds.

At first being on medication worried me..I always feel my most able and creative when I am manic ‘very excitable state’ I can function (I feel) at a much higher level than I do usually. When first medicated I started to worry I had ‘lost my mojo’….after two years of treatment I have decided I was wrong. I am in every way as creative as I was. I am just more able to do things in order..get work finished and work to a goal…sure I can’t work on 28 different projects in one day anymore as I don’t feel the drive to do so but I can work on one project and feel happy with it.

Time to change has influenced me to speak out..mental illness in Britain still has a stigma and I am attempting to help end it in my own way by standing up and saying!! Hey! I’m Bipolar and I can run my own business, pay for a flat, have a relationship, work in my supportive family business and find time to be me. I have bad days but EVERYONE does.

I am beginning a project at the end of June photographing fellow sufferers of Bipolar in their own homes…just to fully illustrate just how ‘normal’ we are! Mental illness shouldn’t be something scary…or sufferers stigmatised!
I will also be photographing a specially selected model to portray the various feelings and moods I experience. I feel the need to express my feelings via the photography media. This is what drew me to photography at an early age.

I thank all the people who book me for my photography packages and I hope now you feel you know me a little better.

Thank you for reading and please follow my blog to hear news about my project coming up.

Samantha x

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  1. I am glad to read your take on creativity and medication. I agree that creativity still exists, but the idea that it doesn’t is such a huge misconception for folks like us! Thanks!

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