No Shoot Like Home

It’s me! Thanks David 🙂

David Rann Photographer

When I can, I like to do the odd “fun shoot” – shoots intended to be nothing more than a test for new equipment, different lighting, different looks, to try new themes and post-production styles. My most recent “fun shoot” was all about seeing what I could get squeeze creatively out of a familiar environment, in this case my apartment and apartment block. I also had some vague notions of creating something “filmic”, perhaps capturing some noir-ish lighting and hinting at some kind of imagined narrative.

I put out a casting on a certain well-known social networking site (I doubt they need the name-check) asking for a volunteer non-model model. On other words, someone who was prepared to pose for me given the vaguest of briefs but ideally not someone who models on a regular or professional basis. I was chuffed when Samantha tentatively stepped forward.

Samantha has a great…

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