No Shoot Like Home (continued)

So happy with pics thank you 🙂

David Rann Photographer

Continuing the story of my shoot with the lovely Samantha at my apartment block (nice to get away from the studio for a change), after doing all I could in the communal corridors, and stairwell, we took a few shots in the lift…

…and then moved into the apartment itself. I started by photographing Samantha in one of my white shirts, again using available light.

Then I decided to play about with some off-camera strobe in the hall area. I placed the flash behind Sammy and positioned myself carefully to maximise the great rim-light produced…

And finally, again grunged up on Snapseed…

Many many thanks go to Samantha for giving up her precious time and being such a great sport in return for only copious amounts of tea and the odd biccy. Or two.


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